Tuesday, 8 March 2016


by Prophet Dr. David Owuor

When John The Baptist entered into the Glory of the LORD, the LORD opened my eyes further, hence enabling me to see the glory even as John went in. Then that was the time when I saw the Lamb of God that was slain seated on a Lofty Glorious Throne. The Seat of that Throne was so highly decorated that it indeed beheld the Glory and Power, Authority and Wealth that befitted the Lamb of God. 

When I saw the Lamb of God Seated on that Colourful and Glorious Throne, I was shocked to notice that as John the Baptist spoke with Him,He would stretch His Head through the Glory in order to look at me, in a manner that indeed bespoke the fact that He wanted me to know that they were talking about me. However, it was when the Lamb of God Stretched His Neck and face towards me a second time, that I was most stunned! This was owing to the fact that when I looked at the tremendous Glory that covered Him, I saw blood dripping from around the collar of His Neck. 

His Glory was so immense that as the blood dripped from around His Neck, it would become very clearly magnified! It was as though the Lamb of God had just been SLAIN! Nonetheless, it is the manner in which the Lamb of God looked at me that indeed startled me! 

In Stretching His Neck and looking through the Cloud of Glory, I could almost hear the silent message that He was passing on to me as He spoke with John the Baptist. When the Lamb of God Stretched His blood stained Neck, it was as though He was telling me: "Yes indeed it is ME that DIED for the sin of the world, and what John the Baptist is telling you is TRUE. So please, will you just go for ME, and tell the nations to prepare!" That is what shook my life to the core until this day. 

That sight has never left me in all the years of my commissioning. It is a sight that has never ever gotten out of my brain, my mind, my heart, my soul and my strength. It became so engrained In my mind that I could not let go. It is like every time I am on the trail for HIM, that is what gets perpetually rekindled in my heart. 

And HE asked "will you go for me please?" I felt as though HE was pleading with me and saying, "please can you help me and just go for me and tell them!" And so it was, and so it has been and so shall it be that the Lamb of God who was SLAIN for the sin of man will one day come to HIS House. For that reason I have never tired, neither have I rested nor tarried to go! And neither shall I ever tarry until HIS coming catches me on the trail of GOING TO TELL THEM.

Prepare the Way. The Messiah is Comming!

Repentance And Holiness Ministry

Prepare the Way The MESSIAH is Coming
Revelation 16:15