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Healing Testimonies of JEHOVAH RAPHA

Praise The LORD, Beloved Saints and everyone else visiting,

Below are 10 awesome Testimonies of The LORDs Healings that derive from the mighty 2015-2016 grand mega Kisumu Visitation of Jehovah, and were given on Radio.

Great thanks to Pastor Anna Anttila.

May these be of great help in your Ministries and Nations, even to translate them.
1) Wesley Rotich

Who is now 20 yrs old, was paralysed on the right side. Was a heardsboy at age 10, innocently taking care of stolen sheep. When the rightful owners of the sheep found him, they beat him mercilessly. Was extremely hurt and instead of being rushed to hospital, he was taken to police station. Was further taken to juvenile court and released on proof of innocence. Due to humble background from where he hails from, they were not able to cater for his treatment. This led to Wesley's paralytic state, speech was affected so was his brain. He operated like one whose brain didn't function properly. As Ingobor Altar was mobilizing for Kisumu meeting, they met him at their gate. Since his speech and hearing was not good, they used signs to explain to him the details of the handbill. He wasn't able to attend the meeting in person but followed on TV in church(Ingobor Altar). Was carried to church that day on a motorbike and was recorded at "Gate 1-Ingobor Altar". 

As THE PROPHET OF THE LORD walked into the Kibos Grounds, back at Ingobor, Wesley began drooling a lot of saliva, then began touching his head, his right hand using the normal left hand. Somebody next to him inquired from him, what was happening with him. Wesley explained that he felt something fall on him, from his head, down to the right hand and further downwards to the right leg. Immediately all things changed in him. He was now able to fold his right hand, the pain in the head and shoulders was no more. Celebration broke out in church, they removed him outside and went to record him, now healed by THE LORD. Wesley's speech was also restored and was now kicking his right leg too. They called Pst. Peter, associate pastor of that church, who was at the ground of the meeting and Wesley talked on phone with him, just saying,"Mimi nimepona, mimi nimepona". He is now fully restored, he can ride a bicycle and go fetch water, can wash his clothes and glorify THE LORD with his life. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!! Wesley Rotich from Ingobor.

Contact: Pastor Kirui 0722567902
2) Eric Omondi

From Siaya Was a Lunatic for 10 years. He used to scream, make Noise, Walk naked, dance in the Market and even ran away from Home and went to stay in the market sleeping there, he used to hear Voices and was talking to imaginary people. Eric even rejected his wife and child. He was brought to the Meeting and at gate 1, The LORD RESTORED his  Sanity. He felt strong,he began to help the people who were being wheeled into the ground of the meeting, And was also telling people to close their Umbrellas when it was raining, because it was a blessing. Eric is now normal and was Reunited with his family. He can now dig and do his normal chores. GLORY TO GOD.

Contact: Pastor Vincent Sega-0726971373
3) Evelyn Ayuma

From Ebubayi, Emuhaya, was Blind for 1 year, 1 month. It all began in December 2014, she woke up unwell and thought it was malaria, and was taken to nearby hospitals and after examination, they  did not find any disease. Then all of a sudden, wounds developed allover her body and she was not able to eat, walk or sleep, she was just there. She was then taken to Mbale District Hospital and admitted for 3 months. There, the wounds dried and she became totally blind.She was later taken to Sabatia Eye Hospital. Kikuyu Hospital but still remained Blind. She was being led by hand.On 31st December, as THE MIGHTY PROPHET OF THE LORD was praying for the sick, her eyes began to tremble so much, and she was sweating alot, All of a sudden, her eyes opened and she was able to see! Upon receiving the news of her healing, her grandfather travelled from Emuhaya to the Meeting with Evelyn's  Hospital documents, that Thursday evening and was very shocked to see his granddaughter seeing! Now she can run, wash dishes, wash clothes She can see!

Contact: Pastor Wilson- 0726595243

4) Samwel Mwangi

From Mau Narok was a very well known lunatic in Njoro and Mau Narok for a total 6 years. He used to walk around carrying heavy luggages of more than 50 Kgs, which included rotten food that he would pick from the garbage. He would strip and walk naked. Samwel was also violent and almost beat his own Mom. He used to live in the wild inside holes like a mole and could just relieve himself right there! His blanket was a Nylon Paper. Samwel had long dirty hair and wore 3 dirty tone trousers. His shoes were patched with so much stuff to an extent that each shoe weighed 21/2 Kgs. He never ate normal healthy food but only dirty food. He was forcefully brought to the Meeting of The LORD. by Mau Narok Altar with the Permission of the Area Chief. 10 strong men had to go and forcefully tie him hand and foot but he bit  some  of them including the Pastor injuring some on hands and some on their teeth. In the bus, they still tied him on the seat despite having been tied hand and foot. He kept hitting people in the bus with his head and so somebody had to protect the windscreen. At One Road Blocks he shouted ' Officer Officer Tafadhali Tafadhali  Nisaidie, kuna WATU wamenishika." 

He entered The Ground of The Meeting of The LORD through GATE-1 with his heavy luggages of 50 Kgs  that defeated even 6 men to just lift. At The Ground of The Meeting of THE  LORD, THE  LORD began to touch him during the night worship and he also joined in the worship. He began to do sane things and accepted to cover with a blanket and ate hot normal healthy food like Ugali and Ndengu and Bread. He also went and bought  his own Tissue Paper because earlier on he could use his own hands for tissue paper. He also accepted to be shaved. His Memory was also restored and he surrendered all his heavy luggages of more than 50 Kgs. He also took a bath while still in Kisumu and become clean! Samwel went back home from The Meeting Very sane and has been living in a house since then and no longer in a hole. He lives with A Pastor and he cooks nice clean foods and even serves. He now loves THE LORD and worships at  Mau Narok Altar. His sanity was totally restored! THE LORD BE GLORIFIED!

Contact: Pastor John-Mau Narok- 0720658754

5) Emmaculate Adhiambo

A total Orphan from Uyore, wasa cripple. It began when she was in Class 5, at 11 years of age she developed something like Malaria, and began to crawl on her knees and was pulling herself on her back, she was then given a wheelchair from Busia County Hospital and was now learning at Sigomre School for The Physically challenged. After 2 years, she began using Crutches and left the wheelchair. Then after 1 year, she began using 1 crutch but had so much difficulty in walking, she was using 1 hand to hold the crutch and the other hand she was using to support the leg, to be able to move. Because the left leg had no strength at all, so she had to push and move it aside to be able to walk. But still with the support of the Crutch, she could walk 3steps and then collapse and fall down. She could not sit on a motorcycle alone, she had to be supported.On 31st December, When THE MIGHTY PROPHET OF THE LORD Decreed, You can do what you could not do before, she says, she felt The POWER OF JESUS hold where she used to hold, and her legs began ro tremble and strength entered her legs, then she felt  the left leg which she used to pull, moving and it was now able to lift itself. threw away the crutch and began to walk. 

Contact: Pastor Fredrick- 0729877539

6) Gogo Kimoi Chebor

Is 80yrs and was Blind. She became blind on the right eye 30years ago and blind on the left eye 3years ago.And now because she was totally blind, she depended on the neighbours's children  to help her, take her to the restroom, because she could not do anything in her own So she lost all hope in life. On 1st of January, she felt fire burning her, it was such fire that she had never ever felt in her life before.She was slain by THE HOLY SPIRIT and went into very deep sleep. After about 30minutes, she woke up and realized she could see. And until now she is able to see very well, she is not being led by hand anymore.

Contact: Pastor Edwin-Teret.

7) Andrew Kipchichir 

Andrew Kipchichir
From Ngarie- Mochongoi was born  13 years ago With Cerebral Palsy. This is due to Prolonged Labour and Delayed Delivery. He was born a very weak Baby and sickling. He had never walked since birth and was Also mute since birth. He was always drooling since then. His Mom always took him for Routine Physiotherapy Sessions until she gave up because it became cumbersome carrying him to hospital frequently, as he grew and became heavy. Andrew could not utter even a single word. The only sound he could produce is when crying. He was donated for a Wheelchair which he has been using for years, and because his body was very Crippled and Very weak, the Wheelchair had some Protective Structure at the front to protect him from falling head on. If left outside to bask, he would be rained on unless somebody rescued him. As old as 13, his Mom had to wash him, feed him, clean him when soiled on that Wheelchair, Carry him, Change him and do literally everything for him. His Parents have been Following The MEETINGS OF THE LORD for his healing since Kinamba 2005 Repentance Meeting till The Most recent Kisumu Meeting! He was brought to the Meeting of THE LORD in Kisumu by both his parents with his Dad pushing him on the Wheelchair, and recorded at GATE 1.

Watch Andrew in the video below:

On 1st Of January 2016 at 8. A. m when we were waiting for THE MIGHTIEST PROPHET OF THE LORD to enter the ground, he looked disturbed and unsettled on the Wheelchair, and then HE SUDDENLY GOT UP FROM THE WHEELCHAIR AND WALKED AWAY FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE BIRTH! HALLELUIA! He walked on and on towards The Altar and has not stopped walking todate. His Mom was so shocked that she ran barefoot, leaving her shoes behind. Back home Andrew is walking by himself and his Wheelchair is only but an EVIDENCE OF THE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE OLD RUGGED CROSS! This has been the talk of the village with An Explosion of Revival! He can go to the restroom by himself, feed himself etc etc. Surely The Days of THE MIGHTIEST PROPHET OF THE LORD! 

Pst Edwin Kimosop-0710821322 (Mochongoi Sub- Region)

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