Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Prophecy of An Extremely Violent Historic Earthquake To Hit South America!

Prophet Dr. David E. Owuor

The LORD JEHOVAH has spoken with me regarding a very severe earthquake that is coming to the earth. Well, The LORD spoke with me this past night, and also today in the day, about this very, very violent earthquake that is coming to the earth. And The LORD He presented to me the flags of several nations. It looks like this earthquake will touch a few nations. That The LORD JEHOVAH He put me into that earthquake already today. And it was the most terrifying moment ever on this earth, that very violent earthquake, extremely violent. 

Well, The LORD JEHOVAH; JEHOVAH ELOHIM, well He spoke with me about this earthquake that is coming to the earth. He placed me into a building. I was there with many other people of that land and then this very shocking historic earthquake shook. It was very violent and we were running. I thought the walls were going to fall and the shaking was so violent, people were running everywhere in all directions. 

And then when I checked I saw that; because I thought the wall was going to collapse on me. At one point I would run back to the wall because I thought the roof was going to cave in, and when the wall was shaking too violently I would run away from the wall because I thought again the wall is going to crush on me. And this is what we were doing in that land with the people of that land until it came to a stop, then after that I saw that the buildings; I was very astonished that they were well built. They did not come down. And that means this earthquake is going to happen in a country that has very good architecture; that have buildings that are very, very strong. But the shaking is going to be unbearable, the most terrorizing and terrifying moment ever on this earth; very violent, Bu bu bu bu bu... Shaking very, very violent! Bu bu bu bu bu bu bu.. I was running; people were running everywhere. 

It's going  to be a terrible moment to behold. 

And then after that The LORD He presented the flags; I see one flag is the flag of Brazil and after Brazil I see, in fact the chronology of the flags is such that there's a flag I see behind and then in front of that flag in the middle is one that looks like Colombian flag. And then in front of it The LORD presented Brazil. So this might affect many nations. 

This earthquake is coming to South America. I have seen the people of that land. I saw; I spoke to them, the elderly ladies, women that The LORD brought in the dream I was greeting to them; I prayed for them. I saw their dress; the clothes have many colour patches. And so there's a tremendous visitation that is coming to this earth. There's a historic earthquake that is coming. And so all that the nations needs to do is on every occasion when one is given the opportunity, like now you just need to repent and prepare the way for the coming of our LORD JESUS. 


Prepare the Way. The Messiah is Comming!

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Prepare the Way The MESSIAH is Coming
Revelation 16:15