Tuesday, 31 August 2010

2 Masters

2 Masters
Deut. 18:14 - 'For these nations, which thou shalt possess, hearkened unto observers of times, and unto diviners: but as for thee, the LORD thy
God hath not suffered thee so to do.
One of the main reasons Saints of God today are not being blessed is because they are serving 2 masters. And when I say blessed, I'm not talking about money! Atheists, agnostics, homosexuals, luciferians, etc. all can have money without being blessed of God, so get that out of your head. We have been programmed to hear the word blessing and automatically reach in our wallets and pockets, but working will get you money. God does not have to shovel out cash because he doesn't have cash, men do! So, work and you will havemoney! But when I say blessing, I'm talking about, your children being free from the devils strongholds, your marriage being sound and loving, your home being free from witchcraft, your possessions being safe from robbers and thieves, and most importantly, YOUR LIFE being free from the enemies authority! A sure way of having NONE of these things is to cursed because of "other gods" in your life. The children of Israel really made God mad by always copying the Egyptians methods of false god worship and they continued to bring curses upon themselves by observing the methods, customs, and gods of the Egyptians. God doesn't play that. He said he put before you this day, a blessing if you obey him, and a curse if you go after other gods.

There is a craze on the internet right now that many Christians have jumped on. It's called My Space! I don't have time to go into the whole My Space issue, but I will point out a reason why many of the My Space folks are cursed. It's because, My Space electronically gives you a Zodiac sign to operate under. Now, according to the bible, an "observer of times" which is a person that uses the stars and planets to dictate their future is an abomination to God. Why? Because zodiac signs dictate your future and sits right in God's place in your life. You can't follow God or "acknowledge" him in all your ways if your ways are told to you by the alignment of stars and planets! The children of Israel tried this and God told them that they would be cursed for it. God will not share his directing of your life with man made abominations that read and speak your future! He will not allow you to serve the stars and planet gods and symbols and follow him. He said it's impossible to do both so when myspace chooses to show your sign or you pick up the newspaper and read your future, you are replacing God and operating under a curse. And these curses are not financial. But they are spiritual! Sin, sickness, selfishness, no peace, etc. will plague those that chase these abominations. You can't hear God or receive from him while you are broadcasting your zodiac or reading your horoscope. God said you will either hate one and love the other if you attempt to serve 2 masters. So, when you chose to follow the stars, the planets, and the gods of the galaxy, you in essence hate the true God of the bible. You may believe you are saved and are going to heaven, but my bible says, you CANNOT serve 2 masters. God said if any man desires to come after him, he must first believe that he is who he says he is. Who does God say he is in the first commandment? The ONLY GOD! So, if you are observing times by reading horoscopes, planetary alignments, or broadcasting your zodiac on myspace, you have selected to operate under the curse that follows those that go after other gods. Whether you wanted myspace to show it or not, because it's shown, you have agreed to operate under it.

Suggested Reading: Ex. 34:14, Matt. 6:24, Deut. 18:10, Deut. 11:26 
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