Thursday, 19 August 2010

'Deny Yourself'

'Deny Yourself'
Matthew 16:24 - 'Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me,
let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.'
In a time where everything is about "self", it's getting harder and harder to deny ourselves. Our flesh is getting fed so much these days and our spirit man is suffering because of it. You see, the real battle is between the flesh and the spirit. Though we wrestle not against flesh and blood when it comes to fighting the devil, we do fight and war with our flesh when it comes to holiness and righteous living. I'm telling you, the devil's job is getting easier and easier these days because most of the problems we are having as millennium Christians is our own desire to be pleased! We keep striving for more money, more fame, more acknowledgments, and more pleasure while our spirit man is poor and unmotivated. Many of us are being led by ministries and preachers that are self promoters, money hungry people that teach us half truths to profit from it. It's a sad day when ALL of the sermons you receive are about what God is gonna do for you and how God is gonna bring you out. Haven't you noticed . . .it's all about US these days! Miracle, season, harvest, breakthrough, and favor! It's all about what we are owed by God and how we can get it from him. Self, self, SELF! But what does God get?

Jesus made it clear when he taught his disciples. He said if ANY man will come after him, he must first DENY himself. What does that mean? That means, forget about what you want and what you feel you need. Forget about your childhood aspirations and dreams. Forget about your desire to be famous and people knowing your name. Forget about who you thought you were and learn about who God says YOU are. Denying yourself means fasting from your desires. It means, putting down fleshly wants and passions, to accept your true call of God and follow the teachings of Christ. In other words, to come to him, it can no longer be about you. Your miracle, your season, your harvest, your breakthrough, and your favor are all there for you, but will never be received by you until you forget about getting them! Let me put it this way. If you come to God just for these things, then you are pimping him. You don't come to God for them, you allow God to "add" them! My son doesn't have to ask me for favor, all he has to do is please me and i'll grant him favor. My daughter doesn't have to ask me for a "season"
of blessings or a "harvest" of plenty. All she has to do is please me and it's all hers! God said that if you seek his Kingdom, and his righteousness, he will "add" all these things. There are no shortcuts, there are not exceptions. God is not a slot machine and he is not a bingo game. He is a responsible father that rewards those that diligently seek after him! You cannot seek him while you are seeking a reward from him. You cannot seek him while you are always praying about yourself. You cannot seek him if you are constantly wanting things from him. You must first deny yourself before the seeking process can ever begin. Take some time, and get before him. Turn off the TV, the movies, the music, and the voices around you and get some quiet time with God. Forget about your money issues, your job issues, your personal issues, etc. and just seek his face. Humble yourself (self denial) and pray. Seek his face, turn from your wicked ways. Then he will forgive your sins and heal your land! Everything you need will be added to you. I'm a living witness that if you deny your own agenda, he will come through for you.

Suggested Reading: Ex. 15:26, Deut. 11:22, 2Chr. 7:14, Prov. 11:27, Prov. 7:15, Matt 6:33 © 2010 G. Craige Works All Rights Reserved